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New daily life with Vision AIAI COUNTER

Efficient Operation

  • Contactless, Safe shopping

    • Self checkout system based on customer preferences for contactless service amid the COVID-19 pandemic
    • Keep personal information safe
  • Enjoyable Shopping

    • Just put your all items and AI counter will immediately start its work.
    • Enjoy the rest processes with monitoring procedures done by AI.
  • All items with and without barcodes

    • Pre-trained AI covers all items from with-barcodes products to inconsistently shaped goods -groceries, vegetables, bakeries, etc.
    • All items are recognized with 99.9% accuracy, in 0.3 seconds!
  • Smartest cashier Ever!

    • This smart cashier doesn’t allow detect-missing, count-missing, over-charge, and any mistake.
    • One trial is enough.
  • Bringing new insights to employees

    • AI counter provides optimization of resources (and employees). Staffs can be rearranged to do what humans do better; managing inventory, keeping the store clean and etc.
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Welcome to the world of fully automated shopping

This new technology platform allows stores to run on their own for a convenient, contactless experience. It allows shoppers to enjoy a contactless, checkout-free experience with our computer vison technology.

  • smart-technology-icon Smart technology
  • immersive-technology-icon Immersive technology
  • shaking-hands-icon Digital trust
  • thumbup-icon Loyalty in the digital age
  • automation-icon Agility and automation
  • step 1

    Place all items to start checkout
  • step 2

    Recognize all items in only 0.3 second
  • step 3

    Check Items and price in real time
  • step 4

    Scan QR Code through App and click pay button




  • Motion
  • Items
  • Occlusion
  • Motion Recognitionhex-icon

    AI Counter starts processing with warm greeting

    Pre-trained system is ready to meet the customer with warm greeting and start to lead the customer to the next process. Motion recognition technology is built with specified AI algorithm and unique training dataset to understand the customer’s activity pattern. 20+ activity patterns were classified and built to predict all following behavior of the customer, and the system keeps learning from repeated operations.

    Automated moving system notices customer’s abnormal behaviors

    When the automated system is adopted, safety should have the priority among all consideration. To keep the customer safe, AI counter have studied customer’s abnormal behavior patterns. It conducts every single gesture of the customer, predict the following action, and do the right thing if needed. Motion AI may pause the machine, even stop, and resume it depending on the situation. This is our priority and concrete policy to the human-being.
  • Items Recognitionhex-icon

    We cannot accept that barcoded products is only available in unmanned store due to the imperfect technology. AI counter extends its coverage to various product categories not only barcoded products but groceries including fruits, vegetables, and bakeries. Fully segmented image dataset and unique algorithm are the technical background of this extension. Cross-validation technology increases precision ratio of this technology, and whole transaction of recognizing all products is completed in 0.3 second.
  • Occlusion Preclusion Solutionhex-icon

    Products occlusion is one of the main problems to be recognized from cameras. Therefore, we designed checkout table systematically which has moving conveyor belt inclines from starting point, so product items are naturally spread out and good to be recognized from mounted cameras.


Self checkout system based on Vision AI

  • Key technology VISIONAI
  • Recognition Accuracy 99.9%
  • Transaction time 0.3s
  • Faster than
    manned checkout X10


  • Motion Recognition
  • Items Recognition
  • Occlusion Preclusion Solution


  • 17 inches Touch screen, Motion AI camera (1), Vision AI camera (3)
  • L x W x H (mm) : 1900 x 500 x 1100 / weight 80Kg
    (Conveyor belt : 1100mm x 400mm)

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